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Pipe penetration for stainless steel pipes, cables and hoses

Field of Application: Passive storage
Weight: 2 kg

Installation tested for following cabinet models: CLASSIC XL,XS,L,LL,ML,M,S,SL: 29-HHBBTu-xyz, u=5,7 COMPACT XXL,LL,ML: 29-20BB7u-xyz, u=7 BATTERY: 69-HHBBT7-xyz BENCH S,ST: 29-08066u-xyz, u=7,9 BASIC: 23-HHBBTu-xyz, u=0,4,5 UTS ergo: 29-06BBTu-xyz, u=7,9 To be mounted by the customer in order to pass through the cabinet: pipes, cables and tubes Outer dimensions: 120 x 120 x 34 (W x D x H) Usable surface: 80 x 80 Colour: RAL7035 For installation position and max. diameter of penetration see installation manual. No liability in case the installation manual is not adhered to.

+49 6188 9139-0