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Please choose a variant first

standard: with storage shelves
pro: with pull-out shelves
vario: with vario shelves
tox: storage toxic media
PP: interior polypropylene
station: station: with power sockets
dual: with two interiors
C: tall cabinet
B: Base cabinet
U: Under-bench cabinet
HPLC: prepared for HPLC-Anlagen
Model type:

small cabinet "S" up to the largest possible cabinet "XXL" Model size:

Number of storage levels:

1 = without centre partition wall,
2 = with centre partition wall
Number of storage areas per storage level:

Door technology:

Door operation:

Equipment package:

Field of Application: Disposal (active storage)
Width: 601 mm
Depth: 593 mm
Height: 631 mm
Weight: 130 kg

Classical door technology (push-to-open), door hinge right. For the active storage of flammable liquids. type testing by MPA/TÜV SÜD according to DIN EN 14470-1, DIN EN 14727, EK5/AK4 09-10:2009 and AfPS GS 2014: 01 PAK. Classification of ex-zones according to DIN EN 60079-10. Mark of approval: GS/CE mark, high quality mark of approval by TÜV SÜD. Construction and colour:

  • Outer carcass sheet steel, ELGR conductive
  • Doors sheet steel, ELBL conductive
  • Inner carcass sheet steel, ELGR conductive ELGR >> similar to RAL 7035 ELBL >> similar to RAL 5010 Fittings and features:
  • doors close automatically in case of fire
  • doors remain open in any position
  • cylinder lock for safe access
  • 1 automatically moving-out pull-out tray
  • 1 canister guidance for 2 canisters
  • 1 integrated object extraction
  • 2 canisters, 10 l each,
  • 1 waste cap with stopcock and extraction pipe
  • 1 pipe penetration with steel pipe
  • Electr. conductive corrugated hose (HDPE)
  • monitoring unit: exhaust air, level indicator
  • exhaust air connection on the cabinet rear
  • visual inspection of the ventilation opening
  • earthing connection on the cabinet rear
  • interior fittings grounded to carcass
  • base with slots for floor extraction, RAL 7015 Further technical information:
+49 6188 9139-0